Our Why

It started with a simple desire…

To receive packages in the mail that had nothing to do with paying bills. (Looking at you JPS, NWC, et al).

To log onto a website, find a beautiful made-in-Jamaica handcrafted item, add it to our cart and have it shipped, no conversation required, right here in Jamaica.



1. a custom curated scent blend designed to trigger, delight, and excite in celebration of nostalgia.
“Forget those other candles; these scentsations are a game changer.”

2. the feeling or memory that a Sarayna Handmade candle elicits.
“When I light the Fern Gully candle it gives me the scentsation of driving home through Fern Gully to visit my cousins and grandparents at Christmas time.”

Derivative: Scentsational (Adjective)
“These candles are simply scentsational!”


Eco-friendly is not just a buzzword we throw up on our website to be ‘woke.’ We believe indulgence doesn’t have to come with a side of guilt. That’s why we work so hard to ensure that every Scentsation come to you guilt-free, from wax to wick.


‘Self-indulgence’ and ‘pleasure-loving’ have suffered from bad PR. And we’re here to change that with Scentsations – luxury personified in a pleasure inducing fragrance cocktail. Because you deserve this. So do the special people in your life – so check out our Gift Sets.


Hand made

All our candles are hand poured right here in Jamaica – Mandeville to be exact.

Our packaging and labels are proudly Jamaican made supporting Jamaican businesses.

Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like the sense of smell.

A scent can be momentary, fleeting, yet conjure up a loved one no longer with us, or bring us back to the sensation of a time we’d long forgotten.

Scents can make memories come alive.