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Here are our top tips for getting the perfect burn, every single time.



Trim the Wick

Trim your wick regularly with a sharp scissors. Our favorite hack is to use a pair of sharp nail clippers since they will fit in any shape container without much trouble.

The right wick length will guarantee a cleaner burn. That means no unpleasant soot or black residue.

The ideal wick length is between 0.5 cm and 1 cm. This will ensure a stable and consistent burn.


Make Sure Your First Burn is Long Enough

When burning your candle for the first time, ensure that you burn it long enough to get a full melt pool. That means allowing the candle to burn long enough for wax to melt all the way to the edge of the container.

This will make sure that there is no tunneling in your candle. 


Re-centre the wick after each burn 

Be sure to re-centre the wick every-time you extinguish the candle and when the wax is still in liquid form. This will reduce the likelihood of soot and stains on your container.

Clean the glass

If your candle container starts turning black after long hours of candle burning don’t be afraid to use a wet cotton pad or piece of cloth and some warm soap water to rub off the soot. Just be sure to do it after the wax is dry.



Avoid Fans and Draughty conditions

Avoid burning your candle close to a fan or open window, or with direct cold air (from an air conditioning unit) too close to it

Also, avoid leaving your candle near fans or draughty areas as this can cause an inconsistent burn. 


Don’t Leave Your Candles Open When Not In Use

All our candle containers include a lid to preserve and protect your candle. Leaving the lid off when not in use will cause dust to settle on the candle and this can affect the overall fragrance of your candle and can also result in an inconsistent burn.


Don’t Trim The Candle While Burning

After extinguishing the candle, wait for the wick to cool down a bit before trimming.


Don’t Leave Your Candles Unattended:

When burning your candle, never leave it unattended or near any inflammable substance.



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